Friday, May 21, 2010



the thought was simple enough
x amount of words
and the task of structured thought

the times were merry enough
x's in my eyes
reconstructing the night

for weeks I collected words
carried them with me
across my neck back shoulders

organized my memories
carried them with me
upon my sleeve and smile

Once I stole every word
and never felt bad
because no one owns a word

I think the man who spoke first
may have said just this
Listen I want to be heard

He knew no one understood
and he didn't care
he just needed to say it

the first woman to speak said
plainly and simply
you're not saying anything

right up until that moment
she had only thought
why will no one speak to me

Once I found love with a boy
he was delighted
to have me for company

I felt familiar and safe
or I was wide-eyed
seeing things for the first time

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