Friday, February 18, 2022


 I know I know

I mean

I know 

Softer still




I know this is a free show
We are all friends here

Still Soft

I stopped drinking
long enough
to let my hair grow long
and bleach it
I drank enough champagne
to know
this Prosecco
is gold 
Champagne is a state of mind
I am so soft
My brain has two gears
I love you
I love you in a knot
Happy Valentines Day
You are absolutely perfect!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Fuck that Shit

 A few moments ago

I was thinking about judiciary process 

and thinking

“We’ll get ‘em next time”

But you know what 

Fuck that shit

Nobody sighs a moment of relief

when White Supremacy

is spelled wrong

Autocorrect can’t save your soul

That white boy got off easy

he should die in prison 

I don’t think you are sorry

I have been saying

for a long time

There is something wrong

with this world 

and the only way to fix it

is to stand up all at once

and say Fuck that shit

People don’t get to kill people

just because they do

or do not believe 

that Black Lives Matter

People are supposed to sleep easy

knowing the world they live in

makes room for everybody

You shouldn’t get to walk free

after you murdered members of

a peaceful assembly

Thursday, October 14, 2021

The Talent

An intimate audience (gathers)
is preferable
and when the crowd appears 
even better
Let me do
the thing I do
I see everybody
you too

At bare minimum 
something to see

It must hurt
I know it hurts
to be so full
of thoughts 
time and trivia
with no one 
to speak about it

*circus music plays*

I am not surprised  
that you pushed me over 
I can take it
from here

This is the last time
I will ever  speak for him 

Thursday, October 7, 2021


 My cholesterol is high

and the doctor that diagnosed me

looked straight into my eyes 

when I said,

“I have been stress baking 
and stress cooking…

and stress eating”

And he prescribed me something 

I’m not going to take it
I looked up the side effects

Dead Man Walking


I’m not going to change 
much of anything 
except for taking longer walks
I mean
I am about to start taking long walks 

And earlier
when I spoke with God
She said, “Good Job!”

Knock Knock Knock

 11:11 make a wish
I already did

11:14 say a little prayer for me
I said one for you

 I prayed
Please be you forever

That’s a tall order
I know 

And I know you’re superstitious 
so let’s knock on wood


Even if it is only a piece of paper
maybe it’s one of mine

It’s so hard for you to say

 11:44 Sure. 
I like everything about you

 Even when you tell me no
I say yes

 We have the rest of our lives 
to fix this mess