Thursday, April 1, 2021


You grew up so fast
so sweet
and right
None of the wrong
in your life
is in you

You mentioned on the phone
how I wasn’t around
as much
when you were young
and my gut upturned
because I thought I was

I am trying to get better
at keeping quiet
when we talk about family 
listening to you talk about your mother
is the best version of my sister I know
Your words only speak love

You are 
You overcame their flaws
You did all the things 
I wanted to save you from
You loved, despite it all

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Life Itself




On the one hand
you just experience it
as it comes
Life, Itself
but also
You’re kind of experiencing 
every life
that has ever lived
at the same time

On the other hand
you’re a head in a vat
and nothing is unique 
you always feel
so fucking special 
I want to hold you
and the entire world
in both hands right now 

I want to hug life itself 

Saturday, February 27, 2021

38 ain’t shit

 She said

You are the most responsible person I know!

All I heard was
 Fucking Christ
Thank God 
This rigid moral compass ain’t shit
unless someone sees it

38 isn’t terrible

It is

Friday, February 19, 2021


everyday I swim up 

and then look back at you 

I wonder if everyone that has ever struggled

with a lighter knew that you can hold

 the accelerator down for a patient sec before 

you light the wick

You finished my sentence

the other day

I said the reason 

I spend every free moment 


it’s because it’s your love language

I was going to say it is because I want you

to stay forever and I am forever

making room for you


Thursday, December 24, 2020

Kara Marie Bibb

Slow it down
Take it easy, baby

I know you know this,
Kara Bibb,
but it’s all already in order
You can put like things 
with like things
and laminate and label everything 
but it’s all out of your hands 
Slow it down and take it easy

Hey, KB, it’s okay already
If you really want to make a scene
stay sober for a week
and aha, AHA
there is no fly in your soup
Hey, kb 
if you want a party on your patio
just ask for it
No one is holding your tongue 
Kara Marie Bibb,
you can do no wrong 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Supermarket Sweep

 I did that thing again

where I wipe the slate clean

There’s not a single thing

left in this world

that could mortify me

I hope if it involved you

if there was some apology

you wanted from me

there is a poem in this sweep

to set you free


There’s just gotta be

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Human Unless You Tell Me Otherwise

 Imagine that your ex-girlfriend 

is like an older brother to you

She bullies you a bit when you wrestle

puts you in a loose headlock

but always lets you get away

Imagine they know about your childhood

the calls to 911 and the operator saying

Is this an emergency?



I don’t know 

Are you imagining?

 Can you send someone to 2511 East 24th St?

Apt 14

I’m just speculating 

No, I take it back

they’re just pillow fighting

but eventually

No one will care that 

this isn’t working

And your ex-girlfriend will just be shouting

Why the fuck didn’t you fight for me?

Why didn’t you burn down the bar for me?

How did you not see me