Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Red in the Face and It's Only Wednesday...

I guess it takes a lot to embarrass me
or what does embarrass me is so innocuous  
that it is easy to just… let it go
things from my childhood
feelings by proxy
bandstanding just for show
I guess my reset button is more accessible
than my self-destruct mode

But today I am embarrassed
not for being a woman
not for any of the times
I left red stains on my sheets
but because I thought wishful thinking
could fix an entire world of brutality

I am red in the face
Hypocrites and Bigots,
you caught me
I can't fix this
you decide once and for all
that you're not better than me
you're not better than anybody
But you're better than
your current disgrace

Oh man, let's take a few steps back
I'm just talking about breakfast

In the morning, we all deserve
coffee, pastries, cake-like things,
and hard fried eggs on toast
but if you get it from the shop
'round the corner
you only get what's on the menu
So don't come looking for a Sunday
among the good people
on a Friday...
we're busy frying fish

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Simple:: Happiness Is

It is hard to believe
that goodness
has limitations
or exceptions
It is difficult
to keep you happy
I think it's because
you don't know
what happy is.
Simply put
happiness is

(long pause for theatrics' sake)

Being glad there are locks on doors
Unlocking doors
If you remember correctly
we are still listing simple things:
Hats that make us feel like a superhero
Coffee shops that hand us our coffee
while we're still in line
Tuesdays that feel like Saturdays
Wednesdays that feel like
I can do this
See you next day
that ends in day
or morrow...