Thursday, September 15, 2016

View from Up Here

I used to take intimacy on my back
This is a common condition
among the people I know well
This is when eye contact gets weird
and one starts to wonder if feeling good
is about to end

This is why the next person I sleep with
will know my body
before they know my lips
I find sex to be distant
compared to kissing

Can I hold your hand and ask you favors
can we get so mad at one another
that we do not speak for two days
but still sleep next to each other?

If you feel the same way as me
then you are already and always
my friend

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Tim Bullman said...

Thanks Kara, now I don't feel so weird when in mature sex talk with friends, I swear my favorite part of extreme intimacy is an intense make out session with a good kisser in sexy ambience.. and I'm waaay past high school.. you rock, Kara Bibb

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