Tuesday, September 27, 2016

March 18th, 2013 and The Summer 2016

I painted my nails silver and pink
one shade drawn over the other
I washed my hair twice and let it air dry
but not before I brushed out the tangles
Today I crawled out of a three day dream
and as I stood in front of the mirror
naked, sick, and healing
I thought
This is what a coma feels like

My phone rings and plays ditties
I try sometimes to answer and speak
The voice on the other line saying
You sound terrible. Try to get some sleep
I have been sleeping though
I've slept through appointments,
dates, and obligations
Helplessly lounging on pillows,
quilts, and comforters
A silent voice screaming
Come fix this
An unknown voice reassuring me
that we can and we will
make this better

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Vantage Point

If you find me sitting in silence
please remember
there is no silence
The earth is eternally settling
Like an old house at 3:00am
the center of the planet pulling on
hardwood floors
The highway, trains, and trees
rattling the concrete foundation
If there is an earthquake in Prague
it makes a noise here

If you find me sitting in silence
please know
I am only trying to hear more
The world is loud and getting louder
like a stubborn bourbon rant
by a southern urban boy
who doesn't know his ass from the floor
but thinks he deserves
the prettiest girl in the bar
There is no silence here
There are only listeners

View from Up Here

I used to take intimacy on my back
This is a common condition
among the people I know well
This is when eye contact gets weird
and one starts to wonder if feeling good
is about to end

This is why the next person I sleep with
will know my body
before they know my lips
I find sex to be distant
compared to kissing

Can I hold your hand and ask you favors
can we get so mad at one another
that we do not speak for two days
but still sleep next to each other?

If you feel the same way as me
then you are already and always
my friend