Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tentatively Cinderella

I rarely think like this
but today I wondered
when did this happen?
When did my heart
become calm?
My mind thinks about
and other things
I can organize.
My mind is a gadget
that was designed
to compartmentalize
catastrophe and every
word ever said to me.

When did my heart become calm?

I do not know
what the correct answer is
but the answer
I am looking for
 is when I recognized
that  the majority of people
are good and harmless and alive
and are living every day
to peacefully include every body.
We laugh louder than you.
We are smarter than you.
We read better books than you.
We throw better parties.
We are happier than you.
We have better sex than you.
We outnumber you.

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