Saturday, June 25, 2016

Redefining 'Existential Crisis' Part II

It is the way Ray Lamontagne says
"Three more days
Girl, you know I will be coming home
to you, my Darling"
I believe it every time I hear it
Maybe it is Friday
so I hold my breath
for seventy-two hours
and shave my legs on Monday

It is the way Leon Bridges says
"Baby, Baby, Baby I'm coming home"
I hear it while I bus tables
believing you will walk through the door
at any moment
I am so excited for you to show up
so I clear tables better than anyone ever
wishing I had worn a dress
hoping you notice my kindness

It is how I 'Remember the Mountain Bed'
calms my nerves when I can't sleep
"why people laugh and love and dream
they fight and they hate to die."
Every time I listen to these words
I listen to them at least three times
and to be honest, it is all I listen to
"...I see my life was brightest
where you laughed and laid your head."

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