Saturday, June 25, 2016

Redefining 'Existential Crisis' Part I

A few months ago
someone asked me
what "existential crisis" means
I said
it's when you start realizing
that other people
aren't like you
so you start trying
to be a better person
for them
Someone immediately stopped me
they said, "No, 'existenialism'
has nothing to do with other people.
It is when you question your self,
your own existence."
I honestly didn't see the difference
but conceded quietly.

Today I got so excited for you
I haven't felt this empathetic in years
Every time we spoke
or brushed by each other
I could feel you in the future
smiling, gleaming, laughing
Every time I asked you for a favor
I could feel the past in you
saying, "yes I will do this now"
and by the time it mattered
everything that needed to be done
was done
and it was easy
because you did it for me
without thinking
that it was some kind of burden
on you

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