Thursday, June 9, 2016

No. New. Friends. And other ways I love you.

I wish my headphones were louder.
I wish I could talk to people,
have everyday interactions
with my headphones in my ears.

There is a song that I know
called Radio Child
and when I can not hear music,
it becomes me. I start singing
anything that seems fitting
to what I am seeing
or hearing
and this is where puns come from.

Most recently, I have learned love
and can be myself completely
with anyone who wants my company.
I am choosy, particular, almost selfish
with my time now. No. New. Friends.

I think about your shirt sleeves
more often than I should.
There is a perfection
in the way you fold them
that I admire and it consumes me.
I want you to teach me.
I think about you all of the time,
wonder what you are eating,
worry about how you are sleeping,
wishing you were here with me.

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