Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Muse Speaks: Soft and Simple

it is overwhelming
casting lines and spells
on tunnel visioned girls and boys
so the muse visits to calm me
whispers sweet truths and nothings
You are always welcome here

believe me when I tell you
i live so presently
that the past means only to me
that I can see the future
in a grandmotherly,
if not, witchy sort of way

and déjà vu is not Groundhog's Day
it is more like a glitch in the matrix
pay attention to
what those feelings of familiar
are showing you
at least that is what I do

on a day like today
when i felt completely unprepared
but showed up anyway, I am here
press play, say whatever comes to mind
because i am soft and simple
and the muse speaks to me

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