Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Quickly: Without Attention to Detail

The day drinkers will all agree with me
attention to detail is for the Saints
and they would much rather tangle with
the madwomen and the straights

However, I disagree with all of me
I want nothing more than to meet
the eyes of the hands that untangle everything
I think we'd be better off if I said what I mean

It is easy to forget about responsibility
I do not mean bills or rent or loans
How is it not obvious? You are an adult
You are responsible for your own happiness

Your mother no longer offers her tit
Your father can not fit you on his hip
You want to go up and down up and down
That's fine, but being caught is not guaranteed

This last little bit of advice is free
If your culture is a scene you're not uplifting
If your language, skin color, or upbringing
never once hindered you from being you
You have no right to complain about anything

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