Friday, May 20, 2016

Mise en Place

All day long I set things in their place
before it begins
this here
as it goes along
that there
Sometimes I am led to believe
people are fooling with me
How quickly and erratically
things become misplaced
trash in the lemon bowl
dirty plates where the lattes go
straw wrappers litter the floor
At best, I am a babysitter
that does not have permission
to tell the children, "No"

All day long I think of food and sex
our first dinner 
would be
a garden salad
and steak
Something simple but elegant
the bed already unmade
How else could we enjoy the meal
if we do not have
a few moments first
to say grace and please and thank you
bodies pressing together
Like palms, pressed together in prayer
both asking for nourishment
it is now blessed, "Amen"

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