Wednesday, May 18, 2016

About Anything Else

I got sixteen hours of sleep last night
Woke up sixteen minutes after midnight
and I think I said, "Hallelujah"
as I did the math in my head
I woke up again at 1:45am
killed the ice water by my bed
reluctantly put both feet on the floor
and refilled my pink, plastic cup
to the brim
At 3:54am I got a message from you
You said you were sorry
I said I was sorry too
Just a coupla girls texting each other
at four in the morning
trying our best to be friends
and not boyfriend replacements

I do this all of the time
Just forget any indiscretion
because none of it is important
The only things that matter to me
are listening with all of me
believing in basic human decency
remembering I am free
and sleep
If I throw back a few drinks as I go
look someone in their eyes
and feel at home
spend too much time on a patio
cry my heart out over a poem I wrote
always find myself in good company
It doesn't mean I am lucky
I think it means I am deserving

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