Friday, April 29, 2016

Umbrella Man

I was disappointed
but indignant
It was raining
I only had Coors Light to drink
but they were cold
and I drank them quickly
I was wanting for Romeo, again
It was one in the morning
every time a car drove by
it nearly gave me a heart attack
The patio was covered
I was settled in to blankets
The street, divided by a lawn,
was empty and still
besides the soft pelting
of rain on the grass
and the twinkle of illimunation
as the streetlight fluxed
That's when he appeared
for the first time
I should have been scared
rain coat, boots, hat,
and an umbrella
all different shades of faded yellow
I watched as he passed through the lawn
imagining the grass was freshly cut
and the green shavings
were collecting around rubber soles
and up to even the shins of his pants
From east to west, he carried himself
then west to east and back again
He didn't seem to have a mission
besides showing off
his big, yellow, faded umbrella

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