Friday, April 15, 2016

Here I Am

I couldn’t imagine
meeting me for the first time
not because I am special
but because I am
the most ordinary thing
Nothing extravagant
has ever happened to me
My stories are the same
as anybody’s
just embellished
I’m always on edge about that
When I wake up
it’s to an alarm clock
and just like you
I silently wish
my job has burned down
and no one would notice
if I never showed up again
When I get low
the blues makes me happy
When I get high
I can’t stop laughing
I couldn’t imagine
ever meeting me
because I want to meet you
it's all I think about
So that’s what I do
enter into each day
looking for doppelgangers
and other sordid people
who feel like me
It’s tough to say
if any day has turned up you
but for whatever reason
I just keep pressing through
And some days I hide
other days I’m the loudest
person in the room
Maybe I wash my hair and put on mascara
I actually don’t know what to do
to find another ordinary person
that just wants to sit with me
and figure out what it is we want
for dinner


Kathryn Bibb said...

I would agree with you
You are anything greater than

Kara Bibb said...


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