Thursday, April 14, 2016

All Animals are Born Naked

Today I slept in the baptism of a dark room
I did not think of sex or friendship
I only thought of sleep
When the left side of the bed would call to me
I would roll over and warm myself there
and when the right side of the bed
called back in jealousy
I would reach my arm out and comfort it

Last night I dressed myself for warmth
the rain fell soft and cold around my patio
The view was new to me but felt like home
I kept thinking
I am so lucky
and when the muse visited me for the third time
I gave myself completely to him
We spoke of bears and wolves
and other things I am not afraid of

We are all born naked
our flesh covered in womb
the insides of a woman
Upon arrival, we all fought for breath
our lungs, new to us, ballooned
it was painful, it hurt to live already
Each and everyone of us
entered this world crying
None of us asked for this

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Entirely Kathryn said...

Oh my goodness
You are a child of pretty poetry.

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