Sunday, March 27, 2016

DeLorean (The Bed I Make but Never Sleep In)

My heart is a broken time machine
My memory too
It replays everything I ever said to you
our first hello,
my expectant words
that say good bye
and I love you

It actually embarrasses me
that the room I reserved for strangers
comes with a tear in the blue sheets
Perhaps I shouldn't remind you of that
in the middle of your sleep
how could you know
about softener sheets

It scares me with all of me
that this brand new bed
is mine and only mine
except for those few moments
spent with you
I may as well die now
except you noticed I was alive

Friday, March 18, 2016

When It's Dim and How I'm Not Stupid

I am always in a good mood
It is not because I am stupid
It is because it is simple
Choose a mood
Good or bad
I make really good decisions
I am looking to fall in love
quickly and steadfast
I am sorry
It is just who I am
I am going to go outside
and smoke a cigarette
I know it might be raining
I know it might kill me
but the lights in here are dimly lit
 it makes me nervous
and the patio is good company
I take back all apologies

Saturday, March 5, 2016

sugar water, placebo and simple syrup

if my accent seems sweet
it is because you do not know better
if this leads you to believe
anything besides sweet suffering
I invite your heart to sit next to me

here, I am sorting through the clovers
they keep coming up in three
I smell my fingers
the only thing I know is me
and the way the weeds and flowers smell

I wish nothing more than to find
a lucky token
that is why I am so good at finding pennies,
nickels, dimes, quarters, and lost things
I am actually good at finding every thing