Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Calming the Girl that is Always Excited

I was thinking about right and wrong
while I was reading the weather report
It smelled like rain
and my anxiety was at bay
It all made perfect sense

My anxiety is mostly in my head
Though sometimes it curdles
the cream in my coffee
And my stomach hurts
Or turns the espresso in my milk
against me
And the chest that contains my heart
tenses with all of me

Deep breathing

I guess I have gotten good at calming
Maybe all those thoughts I had
while the panic attacked 
have finally rested in me
The ones that said
It's fine
Stop worrying
are now me

Earlier it was about to rain
and I knew it
so I walked right out to my car 
and grabbed my umbrella 
I wasn't sure if I would need it
But there wasn't a damn thing wrong
with planning for it 

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