Friday, May 1, 2015

Three Arbitrary Words

I chose the word arbitrary over random on a whim
and was thoughtful when I omitted the quotation marks

this reminds me of a poem I know
I'm sure it is about flowers

May has this ethereal, thoughtful, overly hopeful
effect on me
The same way wine takes ahold of me in the winter
but my smile isn't stained and I wake up easy

Last night I was dancing alone when this man mentioned roses
he was standing on the pulpit,  he was singing to me

this reminds me of a song I know
I'm certain it is about me

I think this prologue is sweet, here is when the poem begins
light happy guest
Three arbitrary words plucked from May's day-patio
I eavesdropped with my eyes and tried to be unbiased

But I am biased, I am seeking love, infinity, grace
those words, the divine, are the writing on every wall I see

I am reminded of gravity
everything hangs about us

Me and some simple beast howling at the moon when it's full
blue loose devils
picked at random for the sake of posterity's god
Whatever we choose to believe must be something good

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