Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Unknown, the One, and Cool Hand Luke

The unknown is more inventive
   than necessity's mother
And she prefers her own handwriting
   to her name in print
That seemed unlike her, even to her
   That is why I am journaling again

March is a strange time for Winter,
   in season but old news,
the people become unhinged, unmoved
   frozen in their ways
They get the news they need on facebook
   And the sun keeps spinning around the earth

I stopped believing in the one
   instead I am waiting for
The next person who loves like I do
   it is that simple
The silver lining will beckon you
   We will speak in broken riddles and truths

Here's the part about Cool Hand Luke
   That film is a passion play
Once you see that, you can't unsee that
   There is this bright light,
that once you see, you cannot unsee
   Everything's the holy trinity

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