Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Light Sometimes Twinkles

Remember when you knew how to tell a star from a planet
a star will twinkle
a planet will not

Indulge me for a moment because I have to digest this
we twinkle while we're here
loss, we can not plan it

God is a Wilco song
He is trying to break our hearts

And our friends are Flaming Lips
You have the most beautiful face

I gather my truths from memories
My tiny heart pumps
every day


I swear to god it just skipped a beat
I've been thinking about you
I am thinking about you

My heart hurts with your memory
and that's never the way I wish to feel
so I will rearrange everything, for you

The light sometimes twinkles
for those who burn bright and make us feel alive

The light twinkles for you tonight

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