Wednesday, May 8, 2013

There Were Flowers: Retirement Party Benefiting the Idle Class

 -Deconstruction of Structured Poems
     Explain the World To Me / Sestina
       This is Where I Found My Home / Villanelle
        You Are My Address / Intro. into Acrostics
       For Crying Outloud
       Period Or The End of A Sentence
       We Get Away From, From Ourselves

- Music by Sammy Williams

-Karaoke Poetry w/Special Guest Readings by:
Cheyenne Matthews / bring. your. own. mountain. 
Caitlin Love / My Tree
Cale Lefevre / Diamonds Are Dinosaurs
Jeremy Brasher / Consistently Inconsistent
Missy Lipps / Walking
Matt Carey / Pictures Are Never In Real Time
            "Open Mic for Karaoke Poetry"

- Music by Mandy McBryde





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