Friday, April 19, 2013

There Will Be Flowers

It just occurred to me that my nightmare of Armageddon
 isn't about something that is about to happen

It is about things that have already happened

Tornadoes, hail storms, and the fear
Bodies of water that rise up out of themselves
Firebombs and frantic markets with frantic people
Piles of bones, helicopters, and that one dream
 where I was given the golden beret
 and I knew I had to fly away
So I did

 and the next day I started practicing lucid dreaming

I have been torn open
That wound will never heal
It may as well be worth everything

So every day I wonder
 who am I to call for love
What right do I have to ask for so much

And then I think
 how high do we wish to rise
I want to take us there

Love calls on me and I worry
 if it is raining because I am lonely
Are the dark clouds in my mind only

And the you in my heart says
 it is raining because there was sunshine
And that's just the way it is

I wonder
 who are you
This is your reply

I am you
 the sun and the rain and the clouds dark and vibrant
 loneliness and uneasiness and humility and questions
 fulfillment and miracles and acceptance and belief
 man and woman in every form
 without end or beginning
I am you

All that you see
All that you wish to see
The layers of the earth
The infinity of the sky
Curve of your cheek
Flash of your camera
All things known and unknown

I am you

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