Friday, January 25, 2013


I wish the night was long enough
I wish I would have cried harder

She was right when she said everyone was thinking of themselves
It was sweet of me to feel bad every time I thought of myself

It was this morning when I promised myself I would be graceful
She told me this afternoon about all of these haphazard things

You were right when you said we shouldn't blame anyone
You were right when you said it's all fucked

But I heard about this shiny silver that lines the rain clouds
It sounded like it might be just the thing to help us now


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Beatnik Beauty (this is forever)

the beatnik beauties spill into and out of the bars
coffee shops and music halls
their photographs and paint brushes
drumsticks and ink
spill with them

cigarettes and longneck bottles
settle in against sobriety
the ethanol an allegory
the ethanol an allergy
few know the difference

the beatnik beauty locked and unlocked and relocked
the door to the coffee shop
took her picture in the dining room
took your picture while you were sleeping
few know the difference

22 cigarettes and a bottomless bottle
swept the slate clean
and the cicadas sing
in a shrill pitch that could only mean
this is forever