Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jesus Lives in Little Rock, AR

If Jesus were as he was so long ago
He'd be drinking wine
Probably a little more than he should
We would hang out on Tuesdays
Thursdays and Fridays
He would dress for the weather
and keep a spare shirt
and extra pair of shoes
in his back pack
He would think me and my friends were sweet
but would excuse himself
when the conversation turned dark
Pulling me aside later
to tell me
Not everything that makes us laugh
is funny
I would text him late in the night
and ask him to come keep me company
He would respond eventually
Kara Marie Bibb, go to sleep

If Jesus lived in Little Rock Arkansas
He'd be on cloud nine
Probably humbled by the attention
Thankful for any Tuesday
Thankful for today
He would be dressed to the nines
wearing his best shirt
and a new pair of shoes
from his mother
He would say grace and we all would blush
at the dinner table
(he said a little prayer for me)
Putting us all in our place
Not reminding us of our past
or folly
I would be so in love with him
and would worry about his broken heart
He would reassure me he was fine
And I would cry myself to sleep

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