Friday, August 24, 2012

For Crying Outloud

For always being right
      being wrong
For crying outloud
      deaf ears and future grace
For excusing the inexcusable
      feeling like the smallest person in the whole wide world
For giving yourself away
      holding hands
For injustice and ignorance
      juries and teachers
For kinetic energy, movers, and shakers
      learning a new  language
For making the most of it
      never having anything to do with it
For obedience and chaos
      quiet time and perpetual motion in no particular order
For pride
      right and wrong
For solemnly swearing something
      truly thinking that's that
For universal truths
      validity. human spirit, days of the week, chores, randomness, love
For whatever it is that requires a signature 
For your wildest imagination
     Zero is a very exponential number

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