Sunday, March 4, 2012

Perfume Bottles

The time I turned over sixteen ounces of boiling Earl Grey onto the top of my left foot is a story all in itself. If you want to read that story you can visit my old blog at I pulled every bit of humor out of that painful herbal tea horror, but failed to mention my favorite part...the perfume bottles.

Second and third degree burns on your foot when you work in food service means you don't have to work in food service. For five to seven to days. Doctor's orders. It was frightening not working for a whole week, but fear gave way to the only time I have ever been on percocet.

I made the pallet to end all pallets in my living room and settled into the longest movie marathon of my life. A few Boulevard girls showed up like wise men to sit with me, their favorite movie, and half of whatever dosage was prescribed to me. Katie Rook was the first to arrive and with her, "What the Bleep Do We Know?", a documentary about quantum physics and the power of thought. Tracy Dean also showed up with "Freaks", a horror film about sideshow performers, but it was an aside in "What the Bleep Do We Know" that found another side of and endeared this memory to me.

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese thinker and writer, claims that a water molecule (the most receptive of the four elements) will react accordingly to the human emotion being directed at it. So you take a vile of water and inscribe the word "love" on its surface while also directing thoughts of love to the water. You take this same vile of water and inscribe the word "hate" while directing hateful thoughts. Under microscope the water molecules visually become beautiful and orderly or ugly and chaotic, depending upon the positive or negative emotion. This blew my mind. "If thoughts can do this to water, imagine what they can do to us." Us, a body made up of 90% water. I was a believer.

My perfume collection had reached a pinnacle during this time. My mother worked at Dillard's fragrance counter and she passed her good scents on to me. Inspired, I sharpied with thoughtfulness and care my perception of what feeling each fragrance was meant to evoke. Armani Code was Goodness, Truth, and Beauty. Burberry's Weekend was Simple and True. Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden was Love Always. Clinique Happy was Purity,Love, Kindness. My replacement bottle of Clinique Happy more aptly became Happy. From then on instead of deciding how I wanted to smell that day, I chose my daily scent based upon how I wanted to feel that day.

After receiving my prized scent, Lolita Lemnicka, I decided the bottle was too beautiful to graffiti. I just settled myself into knowing that I smelled too nice to be bothered with the thoughts of becoming a Lolita. My perfume dwindled quickly, I wore it so much that I didn't want to wear it anymore lest it run out completely. With only a few spritz left to it's name, I decided to get symbolic with Lemnicka. I carefully sharpied, "Your cup runneth over" over the fragrance's brand and kept wearing the scent. A few days later Jessica caught whiff of me as I breezed into her apartment."Oh yeah, I have something for you. My aunt gave me a bottle of Lolita and I know how much you love it. Here." Not only was my bottle not empty, it was full. My sharpie came out in full force and that's how I came to wear Alchemy, everyday.

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