Sunday, November 13, 2011

Consistently Inconsistent

I used to think bruises were pretty

but blood is better left in the vessels that carry it

We never deserved to see under our own skin

not in the way you captured it on film

We deserve

I deserve

You deserve

better than manufactured indifference

to War and Violence

Hey, Hey, Hey, Look at me

I'm not mad at anyone

I'm not mad at you

I like the way you pray

I can't even say that I believe in peace anymore

peace is the new villian

But I can say

that I don't believe in bloodshed

I know we are bleeding

But I would rather cry

than spill your blood

I would rather be poor

than empty your pockets

It scares me that the people that are pulling the trigger

are not holding the gun

It scares me that the people being shot

are paying for the gun

It scares me that I'm always talking about things

that I don't know about

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