Monday, June 6, 2011

bring. your. own. mountain.

everyone is someone else's first glance
oh he's pretty
or she's plain
and that's the way we sound in a photo
or in our songs
to the ones who only see us once

you should look a different way

at the girl with crimson lips
and the boy whose words whisper timeless
on stages built of wires and W's and K's
on air and saying I am awkward and I love this
while ladies sing songs that sound like sparrows
and thank yous search the air for artists

you should bring your mountain

to the sleeping bed of jesters
where beauty juggles itself and comes to terms with
flesh stretched against the surface of bones
and delights and dismays in the catch and the fall
of lovers and disbelievers as one audience
who hold their breath and wait for the next spectacle

you should hold your breath
a spectator would

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