Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Right Now

the space behind my eyelids feels heavy
and noise becomes distorted
as a buzz begins to fill my chest
and no matter where i feel this
the only remedy
is quiet breathing

your mind is a machine operator
that often lets the machine
do the hard work for it
the machine doesn't know the difference
but was designed with
an automatic shut off switch

i see it but feel it too
this hysteria to just end it all
and my prayers call for nothing
to remind the conspiracy theorists
that they could change their mind
maybe the world won't end at all


Anonymous said...

We wish for an end to our suffering... So much that we welcome entertaining ideas of THE END... Rather than acting... The end of lazy hoping is upon us... Now is the time to act.

Kara Bibb said...

I love this. :)

"To know and to not act is to not know. "

tracy said...

that wasn't me this time dog.

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