Thursday, February 24, 2011

period or the end of a sentence

i hurried home to my vices
and looked up the word truth
while we waited for a storm to come

i thought about the symbolism of a bath
as the sky began to brood in its saga
the lightening, the thunder, the clouds

tell the story like an opera
the only players in the theater of rain

one happens in response to the other's drama
delayed and i can't help but wonder if
the lightening knows it is what thunder is made of
or if thunder will use lightening as an alibi
do clouds understand they cannot hold what they contain
do the elements recognize they constructed a you and an i
if the answer is no then how did i come to question why not
if the answer is yes then how did you come to question why

i suppose that's what a good story is made of
unforgettable characters and questions asked long ago
a series of events more convincing than the answer

but that's also the difference between you and me
same as the difference between build up and climax
mundane carelessly cast amongst a stage of epic
a summer's day held against a full, wet, orange sky of literal
a monument to bleak built beside confessions of euphoria
i am windswept and thoughtful because I am
void of skepticism and without fear in the face of dilemma
i am windswept and careful because i am not an effect
and the elements respond to you and i
with a song and a secret that whispers who
who are you and who am i and who holds the reigns of a siren

i think my vices are like heels in the stirrup
and symbolism is a free ride to anywhere i want to go
and this storm was a good example of you and i
because it stirred up more sensation
than a rumor or a cowboy counting to eight
and i don't know the difference between rain, you, or horses

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