Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Titles before Poems

you could call it method
or practice
or dumb luck

i call it religion
and prayer
and practice

i make it up as i go
word by word
line by line

i am always counting
i am rigid that way
not soft like i am

the snow comes on like day
with purpose
but slowly

soon as it settles in
you might find
yourself stuck

or stranded from your home
so you pray
for more snow

maybe think to yourself
let my try
it again


tracy said...

This is about Jason, isn't it?

Kara Bibb said...

stay off my comment board Tracy

tracy said...

Don't tell me what to do Kara.

Kara Bibb said...

You're just the 9 o'clock.

tracy said...

That hurt. I'm getting another beer.

Kara Bibb said...

My teeth are purple.

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