Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sensitivity to Inanimate Objects

trash speaks to me
leaves speak to me
little rocks speak to me

they say

pick me up

so i speak up

i say

what are you doing here
look how pretty you are
where'd you come from

people look at me like I'm crazy


Jeffrey said...
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Jeffrey said...

Odd that I was thinking something very similar just this afternoon.

There's a tree on upper Kavanaugh that turns almost fluorescent yellow in the fall. It's beautiful. Then the yellow leaves fall off and the tree seems sad. No one rakes up those leaves so they decorate the yard like so much natural confetti. The yard looks happy.

There is sadness in beauty and beauty in sadness. Sometimes sadness will create happiness and that's a beautiful thing, no?

Kara Bibb said...


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