Friday, September 3, 2010


Tuesday was Meggie's surprise birthday party

Wednesday I found two buttons on my passenger seat
My breastbone was proof and was bruised and was sore

Before that I walked from downtown to the bar
Lecturing and pep-talking myself the whole way

Thursday and Friday was police reports
My pointer finger was naked and was useless
Everyone was demanding something to reclaim my belongings

I kept thinking
I don't want to be jaded
I don't want to be jaded

Saturday I walked to work at sunrise and felt afraid
I was making a double mocha and I started to cry
I made a butterfly in the foam with the chocolate

I told you I think I might break down
I felt violated. I felt stupid. I felt regret.
But something inside of me said plainly and simply
Just be you

So instead of crying or cursing thieves
I said a prayer for the small man
I said a small prayer for every  man
And I took back what you had stolen from me

Because Mister, You can't steal my convictions

So to the man who robbed me in the middle of the night
I hope you enjoyed the short time you spent with me
Because it is very rare that a man like you
has the pleasure of the company
of a woman like me

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