Friday, May 14, 2010

Love is Like a Movie

I am glad for you and will not hurt for myself
Any more than I have
Because I do
In far greater things than me
But not than you

I could not write you out of my story or thoughts
For I have tried and failed
To be alone
And even after we met
But I am yours

When you sleep in my bed or I lie down in yours
My head rests on your sleeve
My heart as well
By the safety of your arms
the home you make

Remember the time I told you I was consumed
By thought and want for peace
I surrender
To only the thought of you
And me as one

Within the confinements of my words I find grace
And offer grace to you
As fathers once
Offerings of gold and silk
To royal men
(For their one day fatherless daughters)

Do you hope one day you will ask me to be yours
With knees bent and head bowed
Because I do
Be mine
And teach me of forever
Of one true love

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Kara Bibb said...

This will be read at Jessica and Georgie's wedding on May 28th, 2011. Their marriage will be epic. Perfect. True.

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