Monday, April 26, 2010

The Only Thing Standing Between Us Is My Passenger Side Door

I cried when I walked into my mother's house
Remembering my old apartment in downtown Little Rock
Knowing it may never be as fine as it is on Friday night
I cried and said outloud,

"Why do I have to be crazy?"

I thought my bathing suit from Paris might make me feel better
So I put it on and sunbathed on the front porch
And I thought about you and how you told me you loved me
I smiled and said outloud,

"I love you too."

I let myself be my kind of crazy unrelentlingly
Adam Duritz kept me company
Convincing me I was most certainly a queen
I pretended you could hear my thoughts,

"Are you the rain king?"

And out of the clear blue sky it started to rain
Suddenly I didn't feel crazy
Except for you
And you said,

"Slow it down. Take it easy baby."

Because I didn't know what that meant I slept for twelve hours
And read all of our words over and over
Wishing I could edit the past
Because if I could I would have left it at,

"Awe loves you too."

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