Monday, April 26, 2010

The Only Thing Standing Between Us Is My Passenger Side Door

I cried when I walked into my mother's house
Remembering my old apartment in downtown Little Rock
Knowing it may never be as fine as it is on Friday night
I cried and said outloud,

"Why do I have to be crazy?"

I thought my bathing suit from Paris might make me feel better
So I put it on and sunbathed on the front porch
And I thought about you and how you told me you loved me
I smiled and said outloud,

"I love you too."

I let myself be my kind of crazy unrelentlingly
Adam Duritz kept me company
Convincing me I was most certainly a queen
I pretended you could hear my thoughts,

"Are you the rain king?"

And out of the clear blue sky it started to rain
Suddenly I didn't feel crazy
Except for you
And you said,

"Slow it down. Take it easy baby."

Because I didn't know what that meant I slept for twelve hours
And read all of our words over and over
Wishing I could edit the past
Because if I could I would have left it at,

"Awe loves you too."

Sunday, April 18, 2010



How soft I must seem

when you mistake my off white skin

for a bruised canvas

reflecting misguided passions

from a place I can not remember

I will not wear this skin

the way your mind sees it

Maybe I seem cold

when I casually speak of death

or disregard tears

falling quietly on shoulders

that bare lonely hearts and forgetful years

I never mistook death

for a reason not to live

Words turn to lyrics

when music replaces a lone thought

and makes melodies

of sincere accidental progressions

or your calculated decrescendo

I dreamed you back to me

and the choir sang our song

The obvious pattern breaking with your heart

as you attached yourself to a dying sun

falling from a sky so far away

We are the only witness

Friday, April 16, 2010

Other People's Houses

I like to sleep in other people's beds. When they know you're coming they change the sheets and fluff the pillows. Or otherwise feel compelled to apologize for their unmade or stale bed while pulling out extra blankets from extra closets . I don't care either way because it seems I am always tired in these moments of hospitality. So I sleep hard, wake up well rested.

Sharing a bed is one of the greatest charities one can offer.

Sharing your dreams is pretty choice too.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dissolution is a powerful word.


I am uselessly practical outside of my element
Grassroots is a very good place to start
The law of averages is dragging us down
Stop killing yourself


Betty Boop was way ahead of her time


Cats can take up to three months to effectively adapt to a new environment.


You should see me work a room.


"Heart and Soul
I fell in love with you
Heart and Soul
just like a fool would do
because you held me tight"


America was bright
and abroad was beautiful
older than we could ever be

Democracy was true
men fought for freedoms
that their fathers only dreamed of

Neighbors were family
who gathered and celebrated
the marriage of sons and daughters

Death was a tradition
no one understood
so we all banded together


Farming is beautiful.

Careful pruning and tending.

A job best left to the honest man.


point of reference

woman-hater n. a misogynist.

misogynist n. a woman-hater


what you need is a good woman to tuck you in at night


wishbone n. the fork-shaped bone in front of the breast of most birds, formed by the united clavicles; also, called merrythought, owing to the superstician that the one of two persons who gets the larger piece in pulling it a part will gain his wish.


I'm glad I decided not to go with my earlier plan.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Showers

Let's plant a rosebush in your front yard


Our words are a tell

They give us away


she moved around as if she didn't know she was wearing clothes


"Do you think there will be may flowers?"